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Injury toll passes 100 in bus crash

One vehicle slams another on I-15 in S. California

BAKER, Calif. — Two tour buses collided on the main highway between Las Vegas and Southern California, injuring more than 100 passengers, eight critically.

One of the buses rear-ended the other Sunday, crumpling its front end, authorities said. After the buses stopped, many passengers clambered out of the windows.

"The majority of the seats in the bus came loose and were crushing people," said David Shield, 58, who was on the rear bus.

Another witness, Ruth Frost, told KTTV: "Everybody was crying and screaming, and blood was gushing from those who were injured."

More than 40 people were hospitalized, officials said. The accident 80 miles southwest of Las Vegas shut down southbound I-15 for five hours.

California Highway Patrol officials said they believe the buses were traveling at least 55 mph through a construction zone.

A bus from Hebaragi & Lemi Bus Inc. braked suddenly and struck a car in front of it, Sgt. Stan Clair said. It was then struck by a Gold & Silver Charter Bus Inc. vehicle, officials said. Highway Patrol Officer Adam Cortinas said investigators had not determined a cause for the crash.