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2 Ogden girls charged with stabbing a guard

ROY — Authorities charged two Ogden girls with stabbing a guard in an unsuccessful plot to break out of the Weber Valley Juvenile Detention Center.

The girls, Melinda Chasteen and Jessica Grundie, both 15, will be tried as adults in 2nd District Court.

They were charged Friday with three felony offenses — attempted aggravated murder, attempted aggravated escape, and possessing a deadly weapon in a jail.

The teenagers were accused of luring a guard to their cell before midnight Dec. 1 and stabbing her in the neck with a smuggled knife. They planned to kill that guard and at least two others, Roy Police Detective Gary Weeks said.

Second District Judge L. Kent Bachman said there was evidence the girls spent three days planning the escape. He said they planned to slice the vocal cords of the first guard and grab her jail keys, open other cell doors and take over the control center, finally escaping with staffers' car keys.

The guard has recovered from her stab wounds.