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Rock on . . .

Internal affair

Boys, BOYS!

Stop that fighting this minute!

All this over a girlfriend.

Last week BYU defensive end C.J. Ah You cold-cocked former quarterback Bret Engemann at Smith Fieldhouse. Engemann was waiting to work out for NFL scouts; Ah You was waiting for a chance to paste Engemann.

Seems C.J. thought Engemann was putting moves on his girlfriend.

BYU coach Gary Crowton says he'll deal with the problem internally.


But if Engemann presses assault charges, we'll just see how internal this thing is gonna be.

Chip off the block

Perhaps you didn't notice: The winning shot in the CSU-Utah game last Thursday was made by Ram freshman Micheal Morris, son of ex-Jazz forward Chris Morris.

The younger Morris said his shot came off "a botched play."

Must've learned it from the old man.

C-Mo being sort of an expert on botched plays.

Officer down

Is Special Agent Olden Polynice ever really going to go away?


But if he's not careful, it could mean time behind bars.

The ex-Jazz center made news again last week when a court hearing was held on allegations he violated terms of his probation.

O.P. was convicted of impersonating an officer in 2000 and assaulting a golfer in 2001.

On the bright side, I understand they're planning to drop another pending charge: neglect and abandonment of his free throw.

Practice makes perfect

Is Karl Malone coaching material? Could be.

He recently made like Jerry Sloan by getting teed up while coaching his daughter's Junior Jazz team.

The regular coach was out of town, so the Mailman filled in. And just like Angry Jerry, he drew the zebras' wrath.

Yeah, but can he stomp his feet and swear like a longshoreman?

That'll take some practice.

Clearing the air

Quite the scare in NBA over the weekend.

In the third quarter of a Boston-Clippers game, Celtic players fled the bench and covered their faces when noxious fumes seeped out from behind the bench.

Turns out it wasn't a dangerous chemical, after all. It was pepper spray.

Either that or the odor of the Clippers' defense.

Good vibrations

The Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleading squad is scheduled to perform overseas for U.S. troops next week.

That oughta be a morale-booster.

Sort of like sending over the public relations team for Enron.