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Tourist guides promote Davis

FARMINGTON — Two new Davis County visitor guides are out as the county's tourism department and the Davis Chamber of Commerce get ready for the start of tourism season.

Both guides are printed by Bountiful's Carr Printing and are nearly identical in content, with the chamber changing a few pages to highlight its members.

This is the first time the information has been packaged in an 8 1/2-by-11-inch booklet. Since the booklet is stored in digital format at Carr Printing, the guides can be updated easily and customized for hotels or convention groups.

Neka Roundy, Davis Tourism coordinator, said about 20,000 guides will be printed annually with distribution through the five Utah visitors centers, hotels, the Salt Palace Convention Center and Salt Lake City International Airport and will be mailed to potential tourists.

Roundy said she has fielded 10 requests for Davis County tourism information in one week recently from Pakistan, Iraq, the Netherlands, France and Austria. The requests came from the county's new tourism Web site, which just started advertising the county in October. The county has purchased advertising space on and

Antelope Island is the county's largest tourist attraction. Lagoon amusement park is second.

"Lagoon draws its customers from a 400-mile radius, but people come from all over the world to see the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island," Roundy said. "They always ask, 'How do I get to the Great Salt Lake?' "

Although the tourism figures for 2002 are not yet available, Roundy expects the county will see decent break-even figures this year compared to 2001. Tourism is picking up in the county because there are many more hotels and restaurants than there were 10 years ago, she said.