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Obituary: John Scott Ramey


The family of John Scott Ramey would like the world to know that early Monday morning, March 10, 2003, their husband, father, grandpa, brother, son, and best friend left this place to fish bigger and better waters.

John was born to John Flygare and JoAnn Young Ramey in Salt Lake City on October 26, 1950. He was beaten to the water by his father and his favorite dog Beau.

In 1966 he met the lady of his dreams, Patti Lynn Anderson Hillam. After serving a two year mission in Cumorah, New York; they got hitched in August 1972 in the Salt Lake Temple and went on to have four of the best children ever produced Karri Ramey, JD Ramey and his partner Chris Floto, Brent Ramey and his wife Lisa, and Breanne Ramey Tolman and her husband Patrick. In addition to the above-mentioned crew, he will be missed by one and a half grandchildren, his mother and his little brother Rand and family.

John was a very well educated man. He graduated from BYU in 1977 with a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering. And in 1991, he received a Masters degree in Business from the University of Phoenix. From 1996 to 2000, John schooled and received another Masters Degree - this one in Fly Fishing from the University of Teach it To Yourself.

John liked to fill his time with many different hobbies. Fly fishing was one of the big ones. With the help of some good friends and many, many, many books, he taught himself to be a Master Angler. His favorite places to cast were the Provo River and the Yellowstone River with his son Brent and daughter Karri. When he wasn't fly fishing, he was spending time at the cabin that he built in Fairview. If he could, he would have lived there full time. The cabin was a great place for John to look at the night sky. He always had a fascination with outer space and the stars, which brings us to his love for the cinema. Science fiction films were some of his favorites.

He loved to crank the volume in his home theater, almost blowing the speakers and his ears so he could watch his favorite scenes. A big gripe he had was that there just weren't enough sailing films. He went so far once, he wrote an angry letter to ESPN about their lack of coverage for the Americas Cup sailing race. He had a great big sail boat and he taught his daughters how and when to sail. The boat, for now, sits in his front yard with his new garden railroad. Last summer, John and JD spent weeks planning and building (with the help of the rest of the family) the Ramey Railroad. He loved to sit on the porch in the cool summer evenings running the train and blowing his whistle.

The thing that John would like to be remembered for the most is that he loved his family, loved doing things with his family and that time spent with his family making memories was the most important time that he could have spent during his mortal existence. He wanted everyone to know that each day is a gift. If he ever needed something to pump him up in the morning and to help keep his perspective he would visit a website that he happened upon one day -

All of John's friends and family are invited to a casual celebration of his

life Thursday, March 13, 2003, from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Timpview 3rd Ward building, 1075 West 1100 North, Orem, Utah. There will be good music, balloons, M&M's and chocolate milk Chugs. Be prepared to share and laugh and love. At 12 noon on Friday, March 14, funeral services will be held at the Timpview Stake Center, 1050 North 600 West, Orem, Utah. Friends and family can also pay their respects from 10:30-11:30 that morning. Interment will be at the Orem City Cemetery.

Fish On John... Fish On. <! >