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Midvale picks interim council member

The Midvale City Council has chosen Colleen Costello to serve as interim council member for District 5, replacing David Nicol.

Nicol resigned Feb. 15, saying increasing responsibilities associated with his full-time job made it difficult to continue serving on the council.

Costello served on the council for four years before losing to Nicol in the 2001 election, 295 votes to 253.

Prior to her election to the City Council, Costello served for four years on the Midvale Planning Commission. She also has served on the Planning Commission since January 2002, but will step down to accept the council post.

Costello will serve on the council for the rest of this year. In the November election, voters will choose a candidate to fill the final two years of Nicol's term. Costello said she plans to run for re-election.