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Minnelli's lawyer calls it quits in real-estate suit

Liza Minnelli's real estate lawyer has quit, saying the "attorney-client relationship has completely broken down."

Robert K. Kaufman had been representing Minnelli in a Superior Court lawsuit filed last August by Merhdad Saghian and Stephanie Jarin, who were trying to buy Minnelli's Beverly Hills house for $2.75 million.

The plaintiffs said they already had made a deposit of $82,500, believing they had a deal with Minnelli. But Minnelli canceled the deal, according to their lawsuit, saying she did not want to kick out her 94-year-old stepmother, Lee Anderson Minnelli, who has lived in the house the past four decades.

But the lawsuit claims Minnelli has relocated her stepmother to a condominium and that her cancellation was a "bad-faith attempt."