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SLOC sues Nevada firm over Delta Center lien

An attorney for the Salt Lake Organizing Committee has filed suit against a Nevada equipment company on behalf of the Delta Center.

The civil complaint seeks to remove a lien against the arena filed in July 2002 by Coker Equipment Co. for more than $8,750. According to court documents, the company never provided materials, services or furnishings to the Delta Center or any of its holdings.

Coker Equipment, a Las Vegas-based company that supplies tower cranes as well as personnel and material hoists, claimed to have a contract with Horne Tipps Trophy Suites in Florida to supply equipment to the 2002 Winter Games.

SLOC, which leased the Delta Center to use as a venue during the Olympics, first notified the company in September that the lien was wrongfully filed and warned that it would be liable for at least $1,000 in damages plus attorneys fees.