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Back 'organic' standards

The conventional fox is in the organic henhouse, or, in this case, the organic chicken house. And it's up to consumers, the organic industry and the USDA to send him packing.

The addition of a rider (Section 771) on the Omnibus Appropriations Act by Congress undermines our new organic standards, creating a loophole for any producer to label their meat, poultry and dairy products "organic" even if they don't meet the strict criteria set forth by the USDA.

We cannot let the historic results of our decade-long fight to mandate organic standards be undermined by such underhanded, backroom politics forced through for a single company that is not willing to play by the rules.

We urge you to vote with your wallets and your feet and only buy from companies that assure you that they are complying with the USDA organic standards. Please help us keep organic, organic.

Perry D. Odak

president and CEO

Wild Oats Markets Inc.

Boulder, Colo.