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Agency denies plan to shut Millville Canyon

LOGAN (AP) — The Division of Wildlife Resources has denied it planned a year-round closure of Millville Canyon to motor vehicles.

"We are not supportive of a year-round closure. We support access by way of our game fence and Millville Canyon road," DWR area supervisor Bob Hasenyager said.

The perceived closure plan had drawn irate fire from Millville's Mayor Gale Hall and its City Council last week, and the Cache County Council on Tuesday announced unanimous opposition to the idea.

DWR wildlife biologist Dennis Austin was quoted last month as saying the division was leaning toward the closure of the canyon in the Millville-Logan area.

However, Hasenyager said that was just Austin's opinion and the closure was never included in the division's management plan for the area.

He said the plan does restrict motor vehicles from land to the north and south of the canyon but not the canyon itself or the road. The closed land had been purchased by the division, he said.

Also, there is a gate across the road that should remain closed during the winter months to prevent wintering elk from wandering into the city, but closed does not mean locked, he said.

"There's no reason to have a fence if the gate is open," Hasenyager said.

County Council Chairman Craig Petersen said he was satisfied with Hasenyager's explanation and thought it was reasonable to use a gate on the fence.