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7-year-old girl run over by truck

PLEASANT GROVE — A girl was run over by a truck tire after chasing a cat into the street and underneath the vehicle.

The 7-year-old girl followed the cat into the street, near 900 North and 500 East, where it went underneath the truck, which had stopped for a group of children crossing the street, Pleasant Grove Police Sgt. Mike Roberts said.

Unaware that the girl was underneath her vehicle, the driver pulled the 3/4-ton pickup truck forward, rolling the back passenger side wheel over the girl's pelvis, Roberts said. The 3:45 p.m. accident caused the girl's bladder to rupture and left her with seven fractures in her pelvis, Roberts said. She was conscious and alert when crews airlifted her to Primary Children's Medical Center for surgery, Roberts said.

An investigation into the accident was ongoing but the pickup truck's driver was not cited, Roberts said.