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Missionary dies trying to save life

GUALEGUAYCHU, Argentina — While attempting to save the life of a 13-year-old boy, a missionary in Argentina was killed March 9. Elder Nathan Scott Godfrey, 19, serving in the town of Gualeguaychu in the Argentina Rosario Mission, died when he jumped into a deep puddle to save the boy. A power line made contact with the water, electrocuting both of them.

Elder Godfrey, from the Columbia Heights Ward, Kaysville Utah South Stake, had been in Argentina since Jan. 1 of this year. "He was a fine young man. He was serving his Heavenly Father," Bishop Michael Flood of Elder Godfrey's home ward said in a Deseret News article. (The Deseret News owns and operates the Church News.)

"He was where he should have been, doing what he should have been doing. We take comfort in that," said the missionary's father, Scott Godfrey. "We got lots of letters. He just talked about how he loved the people, the struggles to learn the language. Typical missionary kinds of things."

Elder Godfrey had wanted to serve a mission since he was a small boy. He worked summers at a water park and miniature gold course to save money to serve. His goal was to get a doctorate in aeronautical engineering. He was the fourth of nine children.