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If you go to Bratislava

Getting there: Bratislava is accessible by train, bus, plane or car.

From the Austrian capital of Vienna, rail is fastest and takes only about an hour. Trains and buses run several times a day between the two capitals. For more adventurous travelers from Vienna, trips by boat or bicycle are options.

Once in Bratislava, there are plenty of public buses, trams and trolley buses which run frequently.

Lodging: Hotels in the capital run from $30 a night for two at one of the hotels located on the city's outskirts to luxury downtown hotels where a double room costs about $190 a night.

What to do: Bratislava offers a variety of sightseeing points of interest, including a castle above the Danube River and the ruins of a medieval castle at Devin near the Austrian border. In summer, boat trips down the Danube around the city or to Vienna or Budapest are wonderful options for touring other venues.

For culture, find out what the opera ($20) or the Philharmonic ($15) offer while you happen to be in town.

Crystal or folk art ceramics shoppers will find great deals.

Information: Bratislava Information Service, (421-2) 5443-3715.

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