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Showing at local galleries


Monday, March 17

Children's Library (Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, 524-8200) — "Clayton Middle School Art: Exploring Possibilities" through April 28. Public reception Thursday, March 20 from 7-8:30 p.m.

Jewett Center for the Performing Arts (Westminster College, department of art) — "Student Art Exhibit," featuring artwork by college art students, through April 4. Opening reception Monday, March 17, at noon.

Wednesday, March 19

Art Access (339 W. Pierpont, 328-0703) — "In the Blue: 17 Years of Unfashionable Art," featuring the personal paintings of Randall Lake — 1986-2003, through April 15. Artist reception Friday, March 21, from 6-9 p.m. during the monthly Gallery Stroll.

Friday, March 21

Local Colors Artworks (second floor at Trolley Square, next to Rodizio Grill) — Watercolors and oils by Shirley McKay, pottery by Sharon Mikkelson, and watercolors by Dale Minson, through April 12.

Museum of Church History and Art (45 N. West Temple, 240-2299) — "Sixth International Art Competition: Latter-day Saints Yesterday and Today."

Phillips Gallery* (444 E. 200 South, 364-8284) — New landscapes by Tom Howard through April 11. Artist reception Friday, March 21, from 6-9 p.m. during monthly Gallery Stroll.

Utah Artist Hands Gallery (61 W. 100 South, 355-0206) — "The Color & Passion of Ruby Chacon," featuring oils from the artist's Latin heritage, through April 18. Artist reception Friday, March 21 from 6-9 p.m. during monthly Gallery Stroll.


Art Barn/Finch Lane Gallery* (54 Finch Lane, 596-5000) — An exhibit featuring the paintings of Kathryn Williams and the collaborative photography of Jeremy Bringard and Alexander Ferguson, through April 11.

Art Barn/Park Lane Gallery* (54 Finch Lane, 596-5000) — A video installation by Tyrone Davies.

Artworks Inc. (2005 E. 2700 South, 363-1717) — Landscapes by Jeff Surrett, Elya DeChino, Ivan Reyes and Arno Arrak. New abstracts by Craig Alan, J.R. Griffin, Loretta Banderas and Trey. New figuratives by Alessandro Nocentini, Willi Kissmer and Jurgen Gorg.

Bingham Gallery (1074 E. 2100 South, 832-9220) — Specializes in artwork by American artists of the past 100 years, with special emphasis on Maynard Dixon. Also seen are Claude Buck, Stuart Davis, Severin Roesen and Robert Henri.

Chapman Library (577 S. 900 West, 525-8285) — "Looking From the Inside Out: Works by Meghana Khandekar and Alyssa Summers," through March 29.

Cherry Street Gallery (4790 S. Cherry St., 281-0075) — Photographs by Mark Walker Smith. Also, artwork by Ken Baxter, Dan Baxter, Ed Begay, Beso, Larry Christensen, Don Coy, Mike Fletcher, Steve Harvey, Jo Gilkey, Julie Jacobsen, Scott Ruston and Lee Anne Walker.

Chroma Gallery (1064 E. 2100 South, 485-6020) — "Jennifer Worsley: River Pastels" through April 7. Artist reception on Friday, March 21, from 6-9 p.m. during monthly Gallery Stroll.

David Ericson Fine Art* (418 S. 200 West, 533-8245) — Works by Randall Lake, Frank Huff, Brian Kershisnik, Dennis Smith and early Utah art.

E Street Gallery (82 E St., 359-2979) — "Sew What?" featuring the soft sculpture of Marian Nelson, through March 20.

Gallery at Library Square (Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, 524-8200) — Two exhibits: "Surrealist Visions" and "Dali: The Halsman Photographs," featuring work surrounding the surrealist art movement, through April 5.

Glendinning Gallery (617 E. South Temple, 236-7555) — "Mythical Objects," featuring ceramics by Susan Harris and oil paintings by Brian Hoover, through May 2. Artist reception Friday, March 21, from 6-9 p.m. during monthly Gallery Stroll.

Holladay Library (2150 E. 4730 South, 943-4636, Ext. 334) — Watercolors by Louise Earl, Intermountain Society of Artists, through April.

Horne Fine Art* (142 E. 800 South, 533-4200) — Art by Karen Horne and Phyllis F. Horne, through March 29.

J. Willard Marriott Library (295 S. 1500 East, fifth floor, University of Utah) — Special Collections gallery: "Fifty Books/Fifty Covers," featuring books from New York City's American Institute of Graphic Arts, through April 17.

Lamb's Cafe (169 S. Main) — "Host City," featuring photography by Dana Sohm, through March 31.

Left Bank Gallery* (242 S. 200 West) — "Festivals of Summer," featuring the photographs of six Utah photojournalists — Utah Six: Peter Chudliegh, Jeremy Harmon, Keith Johnson, Robert Johnson, Trent Nelson and Jason Olson, through March 29. Artist reception Friday, March 21, from 6-9 p.m. during monthly Gallery Stroll.

Museum of Church History and Art (45 N. West Temple, 240-2299) — "Primary Makes Me Happy — 1878-2003: A Celebration of 125 Years of Primary," featuring a selection of historical memorabilia, through Nov. 16. Also, "With Every Stitch: Samplers and Decorative Textiles," featuring a sample of historic and contemporary works, through Oct. 19.

Oasis Cafe and Gallery (151 S. 500 East, 322-1162) — Original oil paintings by Mayan artists of the Guatemalan Highlands, imported by Ada Mae Crouse, through March 31.

Ruth Tyler Library (8280 S. 75 West, Midvale, 278-0913) — Oil paintings by Ben Patten, Intermountain Society of Artists, through April.

Salt Lake Art Center* (20 S. West Temple) —Main gallery and Street Level gallery: Conceptual/political/sculptural art by Cris Bruch, through May 25.

Utah Hogle Zoo (2600 E. Sunnyside Ave., 582-1631) — "World of the Wild," featuring art from the 10th Annual Art Show, through April 13.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts* (University of Utah, South Campus Drive, 581-7332) — "The Other Side of Childhood: Nightmare Images in Alice's Wonderland," featuring various illustrations by famous artists, through April 30. Also, fine art landscape photography by Edwin Firmage (closing date undetermined). Also, "Monet to Bonnard — 1881 to 1915: Paintings by French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masters from the Private Collection of John and Toni Bloomberg," through May 15. Also, "Menagerie: Animals in Art," featuring art with animals in all styles and techniques, through April 6. Also, "Art Since the Mid-Twentieth Century: A Politicized Cultural Climate," through May 5. Also, "Glen Canyon: Eliot Porter Photographs" through July 13. Also, artwork from the museum's permanent collection continually on display.

Utah Museum of Natural History (University of Utah) — "Art and the Animal," featuring a traveling exhibit of 70 paintings and sculptures portraying animals and the natural world, through April 6.

Williams Fine Art* (Main Lobby, Eagle Gate Plaza, 60 E. South Temple, 534-0331) — Exhibit of LeConte Stewart's drawings, prints and paintings. Also, works by J.T. Harwood, H.L.A. Culmer, Maynard Dixon and recent works by contemporary artists: Randall Lake, Bonnie Posselli and more.


Bountiful/Davis Art Center (745 S. Main, Bountiful, 292-0367) — "BDAC Statewide Competition and Exhibition," through March 21.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery (Alumni House of Southern Utah University, Cedar City, 1-435-673-2723) — "Graceful Envelope," featuring 200 envelopes from around the world, depicting the art of calligraphy and stamp collecting, through March 28.

Brigham City Museum-Gallery (24 N. 300 West, Brigham City, 435-723-6769) — "Historic Utah Artists Exhibition," featuring the Hinckley Art Collection and 20 works from the state of Utah's fine art collection, through March 29.

Eccles Community Art Center (2580 Jefferson Ave., Ogden, 392-6935) — Main gallery: "Thirteenth Statewide Photographic Competition. Carriage House gallery: Oils by Sheri C. Young. Both exhibits run through March 29.

Ethel Wattis Kimball Visual Arts Center (Weber State University, 2001 University Circle, Ogden, 801-626-6420) — "Faculty Exhibition 2003," featuring art by WSU's visual arts department, through March 22.

Hope Gallery (250 W. Center, Provo, 375-7671) — Original art from the 16th-21st centuries. Religious works by Carl Bloch.

Kimball Art Center (638 Park Ave., Park City, 1-435-649-8882) — Main and Badami gallery: "What Cannot Be Spoken: Numinous works by Frank McEntire and Alex Bigney" featuring work that explores self, religion and myth, through March 23.

Lamplight Art Gallery (163 S. Main, Bountiful, 298-0290) — Mythical and magical figurative works in oil and acrylic by Linda Dalton Walker, through March.

Museum of Art (Brigham Young University, North Campus Drive, Provo, 378-2787) — "On the Road with C.C.A. Christensen: The Moving Panorama," featuring the artist's Mormon pioneer paintings, through Sept. 8. Also, "Past Tense: A Contemporary Dialogue," featuring an installation by New York artists Valerie Atkisson, Lane Twitchell and Clara Williams, through May 3. Also, "150 Years of American Painting," artwork from BYU's permanent collection.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (650 N. 1100 East, Logan, 1-435-797-0163) — "Medium as Muse: The Museum in Progress," featuring an exhibit devoted to the various exhibition spaces created for contemporary artists, through March 29. Also, "20 Years of Collecting — 1982-2002: Modernism in the American West," featuring art from the museum's permanent collection, through July.

Pyra's Fine Arts Gallery (255 Main, Park City, 859-9786) Mayan Arte Naf from Guatemala.

Springville Museum of Art (126 E. 400 South, Springville, 489-2727) — "The 31st Annual Utah All-State High-School Exhibit" through March. Also, an ongoing exhibit of Russian, Social Realist Art from permanent collection.

St. George Art Museum (47 E. 200 North, St. George, 1-435-634-5942) — Mezzanine gallery: "Redrock Badlands Sage: Desert Paintings," featuring art by Royden Card, through April 11. Legacy gallery: "One Man's Visions: Milton Goldstein Retrospective," featuring photographs by Goldstein, through March 21.