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Jaguars add pass-rusher Douglas

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Hugh Douglas was looking for a team, and the Jacksonville Jaguars were seeking impact players.

The result was the somewhat unexpected five-year, $27 million contract the former Eagles pass rusher signed Saturday with the Jaguars, who have their salary cap back in order and are suddenly one of the most active teams in free agency.

One of the most coveted players in this year's free-agent class, Douglas will join former Colts linebacker Mike Peterson, who signed a $20 million deal on Thursday. The team also signed Texans linebacker Keith Mitchell to a low-price contract, as new coach Jack Del Rio attempts to upgrade speed and talent and make Jacksonville competitive again.

"I'm excited. This is a young up-and-coming defense," Douglas said. "It reminds me of when Andy Reid came to Philadelphia — the concept of building a good, young team and making a run for the playoffs."