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Looking for keys? Check fridge

Dear Heloise: Do you find yourself forgetting to take the potluck dish you made to work? Or, for that matter, any other item — dry cleaning, movie rentals, etc. — before you leave home in the morning?

To solve this problem, I put my car keys with the item I need to remember. I've been known to place my keys in the refrigerator with my prepared dish. Sounds a little crazy, but it works. I can't leave the house without my keys. — Sandy Tremaine, via e-mail

Don't you love this hint? When we first printed this back in the 1960s, we got a lot of mail from office managers saying the office refrigerator looked like the key rack at a car lot! It's still good today. — Heloise

Other uses for baby wipes:

Use on shoes for a quick cleanup.

Great for spot-cleaning bathrooms.

Use to wipe hands and faces while camping/fishing.

Keep a container of baby wipes in the car to clean hands after pumping gas.

Dear Heloise: When I need a schedule or checklist, I first make a generic form, fill in important notes depending on what it will be used for, then laminate it.

Now I can use an erasable marker to fill in the form as needed, and the writing can be wiped off when I'm through. The beauty is, I can reuse them over and over.

This has really come in handy for shopping lists, weekly schedules, household tasks and even maintenance that needs to be done on our vehicles on a monthly basis.

No more making lists on scrap paper. I just pull out a laminated list. — Carrie B., via e-mail

Here are two helpful hints from Elaine of Manhattan, Mont.:

Here is a use for those extra mouse pads you collect at trade shows, etc. Some are quite attractive. I put one under my hand when manicuring my nails. Saves scratches from filing and nail-polish spills on the countertop or table. I toss it when soiled.

A hint for the plastic stick-on hooks used for sun catchers, etc.: You have to buy a package that usually contains more than you need. So I stuck one inside the door of my medicine cabinet to hang the cloth I clean my glasses with each morning. Saves having to dig it out of its case.

Dear Heloise: I am glad there are new party invitations to choose from, but if the "new" design means extra postage on the envelope, I think the consumer should be made aware of this on the front of the package.

Unfortunately, this information is not available until you purchase a package of invitations and open it to find this info neatly printed on every envelope where the postage stamps go. — R.S., Via E-mail

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