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Mt. Pleasant teen OKs plea in hazing case

MT. PLEASANT — A North Sanpete High School student accused of assaulting a younger classmate pleaded guilty last week to a reduced charge in Mt. Pleasant municipal court.

Tyler Lee, 18, was one of two student wrestlers at NSHS accused of pinning a sophomore to a locker in the boys' locker room. The victim said Lee and the other student pulled down his pants and shaved his groin area with an electric razor on Jan. 21. The other wrestler is a minor and his case was sent to juvenile court.

Initially charged with a class B misdemeanor, Lee pleaded guilty to the reduced class C misdemeanor, requiring him to pay a $550 fine and attend a class recommended by Judge Ivo Ray Peterson to help with his decision-making skills.

Lee is on probation for 12 months and, if he obeys the law during that time, the charges will be dropped from his record as part of a plea in abeyance agreement, said Mt. Pleasant city prosecutor Chad Wooley.

Elaine Lee, Tyler's mother, said her son is glad to be at this point so he can move on with things.

"Really and truly it wasn't done to be malicious or mean," she said. "They were just fooling around and nobody meant to harm anybody or offend anybody."