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Timeline of Elizabeth's journey

June to July — After Elizabeth was taken on June 5, police believe Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee held Elizabeth for two months at a Dry Canyon campsite in the foothills above the University of Utah, very near her home.

July 24 — Police suspect Mitchell broke into the Cottonwood Heights home of a Smart relative.

August — Fort Union SouperSalad waitress Lindsay Dawson believes a veiled Elizabeth ate there with Mitchell and Barzee in the evening, staying for an hour or two.

Fall — The trio regularly visited the Wild Oats Market on 400 South at lunchtime for several weeks, eating together at the store's upstairs dining area, witnesses say. Also, they were reportedly seen about this time eating at Crown Burger, a downtown fast-food restaurant on 200 South.

September — The three attended a party at a home at 900 East and 200 South, where they were photographed.

Sept. 27 — Mitchell was arrested and jailed for shoplifting at an Albertsons supermarket in Salt Lake City.

October — For one week, Mitchell, Barzee and Elizabeth are believed to have stayed with Daniel Trotta, a former clerk at Wild Oats, in his apartment at Oxford Place in Salt Lake City, about 300 East and 300 South. The two women wore veils the whole time.

October — Mitchell, Barzee and Elizabeth apparently took a bus to San Diego.

December — San Diego residents recall seeing Mitchell and two veiled women with him around the holidays.

March 12 — At 3 a.m. Mitchell, Barzee and Elizabeth returned to Utah. At 11:30 a.m. Mitchell, Barzee and Elizabeth boarded a UTA bus in Orem. At 1 p.m. the trio was seen in Sandy near 10200 S. State. Police were summoned to the scene and determined Elizabeth's identity.