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Hot peppers can make hot hands

Dear Heloise: After working with hot peppers, I wished that I had heeded my mother's warning about wearing plastic gloves. I sat for hours holding cans of cold soda in my hands. Maybe next time I will listen! — Debbie from Pennsylvania

Ouch! This can be painful. It is very important to wear gloves when handling jalapenos or any other hot peppers. Another important reminder is to wear eye protection as well. Also remember: Don't touch anything until you remove the gloves. If you rub your eyes, boy, will you regret it! — Heloise

P.S. Milk will relieve that burn, so if it happens, soak your hands in milk, and no "mooore" burn.

Let's take a moment to test your Heloise hint IQ. What fruit shouldn't be stored in the crisper drawer with carrots?

A. Apple

B. Orange

C. Banana

Were you "a" smart cookie? If you chose A for apple, then you were 100 percent right! Apples shouldn't be stored with carrots because they give off ethylene gas. This gas will make the carrots bitter and unedible. — Heloise

Can't find a certain appliance manual? Don't fret. Call toll-free business information at (800) 555-1212 and ask if there is a listing for the maker of the appliance. Then give the company a call and request a new booklet.

If you have Internet access, you can go through one of the many search engines to find the manufacturer and then either call or e-mail with your request. — Heloise

P.S. Don't forget your library's reference desk.

Dear Heloise: I recently made peanut butter cookies and wanted to put a design on them while flattening them. I couldn't think what to use. Then I thought about my potato masher. Well, it worked perfectly! The kids and my hubby loved them. — Jamie from California

Dear Heloise: We have an ice cooler that we use quite a bit. To keep it fresh-smelling and mildew-free between uses, I sprinkle it liberally with baking soda and put a block of wood between the lid and the rim so that air can circulate.

This works great, and the cooler just needs a quick rinse and it's ready for use. — Randy Larson from Texas

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