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Weekly writing corner

Editor's note: The following four submissions are from fourth graders in the Poetry Club at Truman Elementary. These are in response to the Kid Scoop page's request for students to write in and tell how colors make them feel.

I feel wonderful and warm inside when I wear black.

Manuel Yanagui

Blue makes me feel sad. Red makes me feel mad. Pink makes me feel loving. White makes me feel invisible.

Crystal Yanagui

When I wear or see the color purple, I feel happy.

Alyssa Spencer

Blue makes me feel depressed. Pink makes me feel lovable. Black makes me feel scared. Indigo makes me feel peaceful.

Kenzie Cole

Editor's note: The following two stories from students at Mount Vernon Academy are student responses to an activity listed in a packet teachers received for No Books Day March 3, 2003. Students were asked to write a "corny" story about a Utah Jazz player.

"OK, team, we're doing extra warm-ups today!" said coach McKown, trainer for the Utah Jazz. "Ostertag, get down here!" McKown requested. "Stockton! Stop! You two are acting like children!' McKown continued. "Who pulled you into this, Malone?" McKown asked. Things like this had been going on with the Jazz for three days. Andrei Kirilenko felt like he was the only sane man left on the team.

Emily Smith

Sixth grade

Once, my favorite basketball player, John Stockton, started acting very annoying at a basketball game. First, he insisted he should have two seats on the bench. Then he told coach Sloan that he had to be in all of the plays. The team didn't pass to him the first quarter. Stockton threw his shoes at the ref and sprinkled water all over the floor. Then he said, "I quit!"

Whitney Lambson

Fifth grade