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EMPS opens hotel to serve gas industry in Kazakhstan

Salt Lake-based EMPS Corp. said Tuesday it has opened a 48-room beachfront hotel in the Caspian Sea port city of Bautino, Kazakhstan.

Paul Roberts, president of Caspian Services Group Ltd., said the hotel "will serve the oil and gas industry being developed offshore."

Caspian Services Group is the wholly owned subsidiary of EMPS that in conjunction with its joint venture partner, Chagala Hotel Group, constructed the hotel. The hotel operations will be managed by the Chagala Hotel Group, which owns and operates hotels in several Caspian Sea port cities.

EMPS, through Caspian Services Group, is engaged in the oil and gas services industry in the Kazakhstan sector. Caspian owns several vessels and a controlling interest in a desalinization plant that furnishes fresh water to commercial and industrial companies in the port of Bautino.