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Tree sitters removed, arrested at redwoods

FRESHWATER, Calif. (AP) — Climbers hired by a timber company began removing the first of 18 tree sitters perched high in a grove of majestic redwoods, but those who remained in the branches pledged to save the grove.

The removals Monday began four days after a court-imposed deadline ordering the activists down. It was unclear when Pacific Lumber Co. would remove the rest of the sitters.

By 6 p.m. it was clear the removal of all 18 activists could take days. Pacific Lumber spokesman Jim Branham said only two tree sitters, who called themselves "Remedy" and "Wren," were brought down Monday. Climbers were scheduled to return Tuesday.

While she was led away in handcuffs to a waiting sheriff's patrol car, Remedy said her time in the tree — four days short of a year — was not as important as the tree's time on earth.

Remedy yelled "Thank you, we love you," as about a dozen supporters were escorted away from the grove by authorities. Three people were arrested on the ground, officials said.