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Peace and St. Patrick get equal billing at Springdale parade

City council's anti-war decree puts some off

SPRINGDALE, Washington County — People holding signs promoting peace with Iraq and some offering support to U.S. troops brought up the rear of this town's St. Patrick's Day parade Saturday.

A large bus, painted in bright colors that looked like television's Partridge Family tour bus, carried many of those waving peace signs, while another dozen walked quietly in front.

"We're here because we think there are peaceful options we have to pursue before we send our troops to war," said Cheryl Decker, who earlier attended a peace rally at the city park with at least 60 others. "I think there's a lot of positive energy, and there's a growing sentiment for us to seek peace."

The Springdale city council on Feb. 12 unanimously passed a resolution urging the United States to seek peace and not war with Iraq. Not everyone in town agreed with the action, saying it was not the council's place to speak for residents on such a personal issue. Others actively back the idea.

"I'm here for peace. I wanted to come support Springdale," said Estelle Brisson, a French Canadian living in Kanab. A candlelight peace vigil to coincide with other peace rallies around the globe is scheduled for 7 p.m. tonight at the Kanab city park, she said.

Parowan residents showed support for those called to active duty with a parade down Main Street Saturday morning. Cedar City and Washington County residents will have a chance on Monday to attend a patriotic program to honor the more than 400 soldiers deployed from southern Utah.