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Iraq not worth the fight

As a proud veteran of World War II who served voluntarily and willingly, I'd like to comment on the possibility of war with Iraq. I would serve again if I thought it were a worthy cause. I am still not convinced that it is a battle we want to enter. The Marines have a motto, "Choose the hill you are willing to die on."

Does this meet the criteria?

I feel our money would be better spent increasing security and the protection of our borders to ferret out those dangerous to our well-being. Stop trying to supply and mollify nations by our generous gifts and grants. Teach other nations how to fish rather than play the United States as fish.

We cannot buy friendship! We have tried this. It has only partially worked. Other nations become dependent, or greedy, or jealous and generally become hateful because of our power and influence.

T.G. "Bud" Mahas

Salt Lake City