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Beatle McCartney sings impromptu blues at hotel

Regulars tapping to the beat of the Truckee (Calif.) Hotel's usual Thursday night jazz duo got a surprise when Paul McCartney took to the small stage for an impromptu song he called "Truckee Blues."

McCartney sang about 10:30 p.m. Thursday after he and wife Heather Mills dined incognito at Moody's Bistro and Lounge in the Sierra ski town's historic hotel about 15 miles from Lake Tahoe.

"I almost died. Here he is, 5 feet from you," an excited Carm Lyman said Friday.

The former Beatle, who opens a European tour next month, played a few songs with Bob Greenwood's Jazz duo, said J.J. Morgan, general manager of the restaurant in the hotel built in the 1870s.

The couple had been vacationing at Lake Tahoe, he said.