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Brush up on history

I'm amazed by how many falsehoods Richard Jaussi accumulated in one short letter. The most important early leaders were Deists, who believed in a Christlike life but believed that God is not a personal being and does not intervene in man's affairs.

Also, the "Founding Fathers" voted against prayer at the Constitutional Convention, where Alexander Hamilton sarcastically said they did not want any "foreign aid."

Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, also wrote a version of the New Testament that removed all references to miracles and the divinity of Christ.

Another Deist, George Washington, feeling like a hypocrite, stopped taking communion and finally stopped attending church.

Benjamin Franklin expressed his Deist philosophy in "Poor Richard's Almanac" and said prayer is mostly an act of desperation.

As a history teacher, I wonder where so many like Richard got their history. From Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell? I recommend they go to Readers' Digest's "How It Really Happened."

Craig Glover

Salt Lake City