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N-storage decision is delayed

Goshute tribal lands would be home to facility

A snowstorm in the Washington, D.C., area has prompted more delays in the fate of a nuclear storage facility on Goshute tribal lands.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Atomic Safety Licensing Board had expected to decide by the end of February whether to recommend license approval to Private Fuel Storage, a consortium of nuclear power utilities seeking to store up to 40,000 tons of nuclear waste on Goshute Indian Reservation, 75 miles northeast of Salt Lake City.

On Thursday, administrative judges said it will likely be issued in early March.

"Although the licensing board members, panel law clerks, and panel administrative staff have been working diligently, as a result of the logistical difficulties occasioned by last week's sizable Washington-area snowstorm (and with the prospect of additional significant snow in the area over the next several days) any decisions in this proceeding will not be issued before the end of the month," Paul Bollwerk, chief administrative judge, ruled on Thursday.