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Bathroom story bizarre

I find it somewhat ironic that in the business section of the Tuesday, March 11, Deseret News the headline article is about how the economy is still not recovering, but continuing to slide downward with "concerns about a double-dip recession . . . heightened with a huge loss of 308,000 jobs last month," and the side article is about American Airlines efforts to secure "$2 billion in financing should it decide to seek bankruptcy protection."

Meanwhile the center article on that page, "'Polishing up the throne room," starts out "FIush with cash, more Americans are placing grander throne rooms in their castles."

One of the attention-getting pictures accompanying the throne article shows a lady sitting in her $50,000 bathroom.

I wonder if there is some kind of connection between the economic slide, the extreme numbers of unemployed workers and the $50,000 bathrooms.

Fred Ash