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Obituary: Kaitlyn Dawn Barrett

3/11/03 ~ 3/18/03

Born to Shawn Taylor Barrett and April Leigh Mettmann Barrett

Kaitlyn's Journey

Eagerly awaiting your birth, so anticipating. Our precious angel dear you are almost here. A whirlwind you create with the entrance you make. You are perfect and sweet, a true delight to greet. Your Mommy and Daddy hold you so gladly. The love for you overflows and their wonderment grows. We gaze on your beautiful face, and our hearts begin to race with a surge of pure love for our gift from above. We touch your tiny hands and toes, little bow mouth and perky nose. We cuddle and coo at everything you do. You are dressed all in white surrounded by a glowing light. For you Daddy prays indeed about all you may ever need. We thank God you are here our precious angel so dear. You are greatly loved, little one from above. Suddenly Daddy is able to stay an extra couple of days. With you his time he spends and his love grows without end. Mommy dresses you in pink, you are such a treat. With you finally here she smiles, her heart growing all the while. You are so loved and cherished by all. We needed you here and you answered our call. Countless snapshots we take for each memory you create.

We all love you, precious one and thank God you have come. What a joyous blessing you are, our serenely angelic star. With a turn too quick you are suddenly sick, to the hospital you fly, moments ticking by. We gaze at your tiny body and know that it is almost time for you to go. As you peacefully sleep, we mourn and we weep. Grandmas, RaeAnn and Tanya; Grandpas, Mike and Lee; Aunts, Trachelle, Candace, Erika and Ashlee; Uncles, Jason, Todd, Brian, Joe and Ty; Cousins, Spencer, Ethan, Noah and Tayden are close by. Mommy and Daddy hold each other and you. Such a difficult time they are going through. Our sorrow is so incredibly deep for our beautiful miracle we cannot keep. Your perfect spirit and divinely pure heart, from earthly life we know must depart. From our grasp you slowly slip away, and return to Heavenly Father to stay.

Because of the efforts of many, we were able to enjoy a few more moments with our angel. Special thanks to Jennifer and Peggy, We Love You!

Funeral Services will be held Saturday, March 22, 2003, at the Marcrest 2nd Ward, 6170 West Marcrest Drive (3100 South). The family will receive friends at a viewing from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. prior to the service at the church. Interment: Wasatch Lawn South Valley Memorial Park. Funeral Directors: Valley View Funeral Home.