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Scriptures CD-rom for the studious

Original Hebrew, Greek avaliable for parallel study

A new Resource Edition of the Scriptures on CD-ROM with expanded, even scholarly, helps for in-depth study has been completed and is now available.

The new version of the scriptures on CD-ROM is a big brother of the very functional Standard Edition that was released in November 2001.

The Resource Edition, which includes the Standard Edition, requires more memory and a newer computer system, leading some to prefer the Standard Edition. However, for those with adequate computers who are serious in their perusals of the scriptures, the Resource Edition offers powerful features to enhance their study.

This new edition includes the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek, along with dictionaries and concordances. It also has scripture marking in 12 colors, and allows for lengthy notes in margins. The new edition will allow multiple screens to open at the same time. In the event that study is interrupted, it also provides a snapshot, a function that will later re-open all of the screens just as they were left. Bookmarks can also be made.

In the event that the scriptures are used by several people, the program allows for many users. Each simply begins by entering his or her own name, at which time the notes, markings and bookmarks for that user come up.

And the Resource Edition has the Triple Combination in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish with hyper-linked footnotes. A person may study the scriptures in two languages side by side, or study the Hebrew version in the transliterated English version.

At the Options bar, the type may be enlarged for those who are visually impaired.

At the Help heading, a user can open a series of lessons about how to use the program. Additional lessons are offered on the advanced search. The new Scriptures on CD-ROM, Resource Edition 1.0, (item 50401) is available at the Distribution Center for $10. Still available are the Scriptures on CD-ROM, Standard Edition 1.0 (item 50400) for $5.

System requirements for the Resource Edition are: Windows ©95 or NT 4.0 SP6 (with Internet Explorer 4.0), 98, ME, 2000, or XP; Pentium 133 processor minimum (Pentium 200 or faster recommended); 16 MB RAM minimum, 32 MB or more recommended); 50 MB free hard disk space (470 MB required to install all data and program files); 4x CD-ROM Drive; SVGA monitor (XGA or better recommended). Windows 2000 is needed for the Greek and Hebrew screens.