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Supreme Court petition

WASHINGTON — The Church on March 12 filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court asking it to review the Tenth Circuit's decision in the Church Plaza case.

When Salt Lake City sold for $8.1 million the block of Main Street between the Salt Lake Temple and the Church headquarters campus to the Church in 1999, it retained a public-access easement across the proposed plaza. In response to a lawsuit brought by the ACLU, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the easement creates a free-speech forum, and that the Church could not restrict behavior and speech on the plaza.

The Church believes that the transaction between Salt Lake City and the Church was fully consistent with the First Amendment under established Supreme Court precedent, according to the Public Affairs Department of the Church.

The Church continues to believe that Mayor Rocky Anderson's most recent proposal involving an exchange of land in return for the easement is a workable solution, and the Church remains hopeful that the City Council will adopt that proposal.