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If you go to India

Getting there: There are no airports in the state. Entry is overland from Assam State, which has several airports with connections to some Indian cities. A weekly flight from Guwahati, the capital of Assam, to Bangkok, Thailand, was recently launched.

Cost: Individual travel is not allowed. Local tour agencies charge about $95 a day per person for everything but tips, gifts and alcoholic drinks. There is also a $50 entry fee for each traveler.

Entry: Special permits are needed to enter Arunachal Pradesh, which are best handled through a tour agency. Allow at least one month for processing. Most nationals also need Indian visas which can be obtained at Indian embassies around the world.

Currency: The Indian rupee is the official currency (about 48 rupees to one U.S. dollar). There are no currency exchange facilities in Arunachal Pradesh.

Getting by: English is spoken by some in the towns, but the services of a guide-translator are essential in most areas.

When to go: Mid-September to mid-December and mid-March to May are the best times to visit. December, January and February can be bitterly cold in the Himalayan, upper regions. Monsoon rains and leeches make travel and trekking almost impossible the rest of the year.

What to bring: Visitors, especially trekkers, must come well- equipped with proper boots, warm clothing and a well-stocked medical kit. "Trekking in the Nepal Himalayas," a Lonely Planet guide, has an excellent checklist.

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