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Fill lake with flamingos

Our vision is to populate the Great Salt Lake with flamingos — paint it vibrant pink. To those few detractors, we say this: The Great Salt Lake to a flamingo is like a lush vegetable garden to a rabbit. Flamingos are better adapted for salt lakes than any other bird. Their beaks and tongues are a complex filter made for filtering brine flies and brine shrimp from water and mud. They have salt ducts to excrete salt. They can live in temperatures far hotter and colder than Utah.

It is no more unnatural for flamingos to live at the Great Salt Lake than seagulls.

Flamingos do not need Utah's permission to live here. They are protected by the U.S. Migratory Bird Act of 1918. If you are interested in our cause, jump aboard.

Brian L. Roberts

Salt Lake City