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Spatafore won't run for mayor, throws his support to Rocky

Dave Spatafore, a former lobbyist with the Utah League of Cities and Towns, is dropping out of the Salt Lake City mayoral race and will now support incumbent Mayor Rocky Anderson's re-election bid.

Spatafore said family issues have caused him to check out of the mayoral run.

"There have been over the past six weeks some situations that have arisen that I need to spend more time dealing with," Spatafore said. "I'm a father and grandfather first."

Spatafore had coffee with Anderson on Wednesday and following a home visit from the mayor on Thursday said he will back the "Rocky II" campaign.

Immediately, Spatafore said he will work with Anderson to benefit the city's under-serviced west side by furthering some recreational youth projects in the area. In the future, Spatafore noted, "if he wants me to go out and campaign for him I will do that."

Spatafore had questioned Anderson's leadership skills and his ability to work for west-side issues during his brief campaign and said he will continue to urge the mayor to be more collaborative.

Spatafore had raised far less money, about $9,000 at last report, than candidate Frank Pignanelli and Anderson, who both have raised over $100,000 for their campaigns.