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5A hoop All Stars down 4A in exhibition game

In a night of stars, one star was shining just a little brighter than all the rest. In a losing effort, Johnny Little put on a brilliant display of basketball skills.

Too bad it was just a little bit too late. The 5A All Stars jumped all over the 4A All Stars on Friday night, building a 30 point lead and then held on for the victory 96-86.

Both coaches used unique lineups in the showcase event of the all star exhibitions. The 4A team tried an all Utah County lineup for a while. The 5A team countered with their all Region 2 team consisting of three Alta Hawks and two Bingham Miners. The Region 2 team won.

Boasting The Deseret News' Mr. Basketball Josh Olsen and led by Bingham's Blair Prowse the 5A stars simply outclassed the 4A team.

In a game that is made to showcase the talents and skills of the players, there were several highlight reel type plays. Prowse had a sweet around the back layup, and later a dunk. Lincoln Reid of Orem delighted the fans with a breakaway windmill dunk. Josh Olsen showed why he has a scholarship to play at the University of Utah next season with great passing, a couple of timely three pointers, and nice dunk of his own, but Little almost single handedly led the 4A team back with a dazzling 14 point fourth quarter that included a couple of 3 pointers from beyond NBA range.

"That was just a lot of fun. I was just being a little too passive, and decided this is my gym it is time to be aggressive,' Little said of the display. He continued with an overall theme from all the players, "It was just good to get to know all the guys. You hear about them all year, but it was good to finally meet them.

3A DEFEATS 2A ALLSTARS 103-85:Brad Garrett of Pine View led the 3A All Stars to a definitive victory over the 2A allstars. Garrett led the way with 22 points and a couple of dunks. Duncan Olsen of San Juan led the 2A team with 14 points, but the smaller schools of the 2A could not keep up in this one.

1A NORTH 96 OVER 1A SOUTH 92 IN OT:Barry Wilson of West Ridge Academy led the 1A North All Stars with 21 points as they narrowly edged the 1A South team in an overtime exhibition. Lyman Bangarter chipped in with 15 points, and Tristin Lawyer had 12. The South team was led by Blake Pugmire's 15, and Trent Givins 11 points.


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PREP CORRECTION: Class 2A third team all-state boys basketball team member Enterprise's Matt Evans was misidentified.

North 23 12 22 30 9 96 South 22 22 21 22 5 92 1A North Rose 8, Bangarter 15, Dzhukev 10, Wilson 21, Spencer 9, Nelson 8, Lawyer 12, Barrett 2, Williams 11 30 2 pointers, 7 3 pointers 15-27 free throws, 96 points Three Pointers: 7(Bangarter 2, Wilson 3, Lawyer 2) 1A South Bagley 10, Pugmire 15, Hoyt 10, Ekker 9, Catron 7, Christensen 5, Hendrickson 8, Smith 9, Givens 11, Mitchell 8 26 2 pointers, 8 3 pointers, 16-24 free throws, 92 Three Pointers: 8(Hoyt 2, Ekker, Christensen, Smith, Givens 2, Mitchell)

3A 26 28 30 19 103 2A 18 14 30 28 85 3A Baumgartner 4, Whitehead 12, Garrett 22, Palmer14, Sasich 6, Burks 1, Truman 12, Gertsch 10, Kohler 5, Kimbal 11, Dykster 16 27 2 pointers 15 3 pointers, 4-12 free throws 103 Three Pointers: 15(Whitehead 2, Garrett 4, Palmer 2, Truman 2, Gertsch 2, Kohler, Kimbal2) 2A Cox 5, Crouch 11, Greenland 11, Marshall 5, Hughes 6, Carlsen 11, Olsen 14, Carroll 10, Peterson 12 24 2 pointers 8 3 pointers, 13-26 free throws 85 Three Pointers: 8(Cox, Crouch, Marshall, Carlsen, Olsen 4)

4A 23 14 15 34 86 5A 24 31 22 19 96 4A Burgess 10, Hagen 5, Jackson 3, Kaminska 2, Randall 10, Little 23, Lee 4, Quayle 10, Reid 10, Wesley 9 24 2 pointers 10 3 pointers 8-14 free throws 86 Three Pointers: 10(Burgess, Hagen, Jackson, Randall, Little 5, Quayle) 5A Booth 8, Hadley 8, Olsen 16, Payne 11, Prowse 18, Reeder 7, Sargent 11, Stosich 8, True 2, Withers 7 31 2 pointers 7 3 pointers, 13-22 free throws 96 Three Pointers: 7(Hadley, Olsen 2, Payne, Prowse 2, Sargent)