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Best sellers

New York Times News Service

FICTION Last week/Weeks on list

1. The Jester, —/1

by James Patterson

and Andrew Gross

2. The King of Torts, 1/5

by John Grisham

3. The Dating Game, —/1

by Danielle Steel

4. The Lovely Bones, 2/37

by Alice Sebold

5. Someone to Watch 3/3

Over Me,

by Judith McNaught

6. The Last Detective, 4/3

by Robert Crais

7. The Confessor, 5/2

by Daniel Silva

8. Tatooine Ghost, —/1

by Troy Denning

9. The Dante Club, 11/2

by Matthew Pearl

10. Crossroads of Twilight, 7/9

by Robert Jordan


1. The Devil in the White City, 3/4

by Erik Larson

2. The Savage Nation, 2/9

by Michael Savage

3. Stupid White Men, 1/48

by Michael Moore

4. The Hunt for Bin Laden, —/1

by Robin Moore

5. Jarhead, —/1

by Anthony Swofford

6. What Should I 4/9

Do With My Life?

by Po Bronson

7. This Just In, 5/6

by Bob Shieffer

8. Useful Idiots, 6/4

by Mona Charen

9. Good to Great, 8/22

by Jim Collins

10. Hatred's Kingdom, 10/2

by Dore Gold



1. Atkins for Life, 1/7

by Robert C. Atkins

2. The Purpose-Driven Life, 2/8

by Rick Warren

3. The Laws of Money, 3/2

The Lessons of Life,

by Suze Orman

4. Haley's Hints, 4/5

by Graham Haley

and Rosemary Haley

5. Haley's Cleaning Hints, 5/2

by Graham Haley

and Rosemary Haley

Rankings reflect sales figures at almost 4,000 bookstores plus wholesalers serving 50,000 other retailers (gift shops, department stores, newsstands, supermarkets), statistically weighted to represent sales in all such outlets nationwide. An (x) indicates that a book's sales are barely distinguishable from those of the book above.