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Natural hormones best

The Wednesday, March 19, Reader's Forum "Avoid the Drug Premarin" letter from Leah Knighton voices her concern that "Premarin is made from the estrogen in PREgnant MAres' urINe," with the resulting foals sold to slaughterhouses. She suggests that doctors prescribe the laboratory-synthesized version of Premarin, thus sparing the mares and foals.

Doctors should prescribe "natural hormones" which are identical in structure to our own, and which are derived from soy and yam oils — not sacrificial animals. The problem is, natural hormones are chemically the same as our bodies' own hormones and cannot be patented by pharmaceutical companies. That means they won't be made available like big money-making, patented drugs until drug companies realize we need better access to them.

Cynthia Riley

Amerigo Elk Ridge