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Church asks wards to disband web sites

Church leaders have asked that local units discontinue existing Internet sites and not place additional information on the Internet while a policy for the creation, operation and maintenance of local Church web sites is developed.

"As you know, the Church has developed several official Church Internet sites," said a March 15 letter to priesthood leaders signed by the Presiding Bishopric. "These sites contain approved, correlated material that the Church has deemed appropriate for the Internet. New and updated material will continue to appear on these sites.

"As the Church grows, it is very important that information presented to the world be accurate and dignified and that it represent a single, unified Church voice. In addition, it is imperative that the rights of third parties be protected and respected through strict compliance with applicable laws.

"With this in mind, a policy for the creation, operation and maintenance of local unit web sites is being developed and will be sent to priesthood leaders. Until the policy is established, the First Presidency has requested that local Church units and organizations should not create or sponsor web sites. They have also determined that existing sites should be discontinued."