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New stake presidents

Stakes have been reorganized in Chile, Columbia, Japan, Mexico and the Netherlands, and Colorado, Oregon, Utah and Washington.


APELDOORN NETHERLANDS STAKE: (Feb. 23, 2003) President — Frederik E. Brandenburg, 47, supervisor of water board at Almelo; succeeding Leonardus M. Westra; wife, Yvonne Maria Moek Brandenburg. Counselors — Dennis I. Hulleman, 31, customer sales representative Wolverine Europe; wife, Monique Van De Vooren Hulleman. Thies De Jonge, 39, financial adviser for Pandomu; wife, Merel Jalving Jonge.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 16TH STAKE: (Mar. 2, 2003) President — Gerrit W. Gong, 49, assistant to the president at BYU; succeeding Van C. Gessel; wife, Susan Lindsay Gong. Counselors — Jordan Jay Cox, 45, associate dean at BYU; wife, Helen Davis Cox. John C. Lewis, 48, associate vice president of advancement at BYU; wife, Ann Laemmlen Lewis.

BYU-IDAHO 2ND STAKE: (Mar. 2, 2003) President — Bradford C. Bowen, 50, owner and director of operations for Idahoan Foods; succeeding Roger B. Wright; wife, Valerie Clement Bowen. Counselors — Michael C. Cannon, 46, teacher at BYU-Idaho; wife, Shauna Kaye Leek Cannon. Kirt L. Hodges, 44, special agent for F.B.I.; wife, Shawna Lyn Porter Hodges.

BYU-IDAHO 6TH STAKE: (Feb. 23, 2003) President — David Alan Christensen, 53, faculty member at BYU-Idaho; succeeding Jud Earl Miller; wife, Deena Bond Christensen. Counselors — Bradley Hodge Parkinson, 57, teacher at Madison School #321; wife, Melba Marie Clinger Parkinson. Craig Winger Simpson, 48, attorney; wife, Margaret Ann Cartwright Simpson.

CALI COLOMBIA STAKE: (Feb. 9, 2003) President — Miguel Antonio Rincon H., 54, auditor for Occidente Bank; succeeding Jose Luis Alvear Arizabaleta; wife, Dora Edy Arias G. de Rincon. Counselors — Javier Pinedo T., retained. Jorge E. Espinosa B., 47, assistant administrator; wife, Maria Nancy Penagos L. de Espinosa.

CENTRAL POINT OREGON STAKE: (Mar. 2, 2003) President — David L. Wright, 41, vice president and owner of All-Ways Trucking; succeeding Edward E. Hanson; wife, Cynthia Doreen Long Wright. Counselors — Peter A. Charles, 56, vice president of operations, administration and finance for Cropper Medical Inc.; wife, Betty Van Patten Charles. Darrell E. Burnett, 54, manager of retirement plans for Yamanoochi Consumer Inc.; wife, Christine Jo Lee Burnett.

FUJISAWA JAPAN STAKE: (Feb. 16, 2003) President — Shu Akatsuka, 50, employed by Fuji Film Inc.; succeeding Seiji Saijou; wife, Keiko Veki Akatsuka. Counselors — Yuji Nada, 52, executive director for Dodwell Japan Limited; wife, Kazuke Noda Nakamura Nada. Yukiyoshi Watanabe, 46, employed by Hitachi Media Electronics; wife, Yumiko Haga Watanabe.

GOLDEN COLORADO STAKE: (Feb. 23, 2003) President — Brent J. Barlow, 56, vice president and manager for Wells Fargo Bank; succeeding John F. "Jack" Ryan; wife, Janet Sue Steinshower Barlow. Counselors — Randall Wade Jibson, 46, research geologist for U.S. Geological Survey; wife, Linda Sue Watts Jibson. Eldon Harold Armitstead, 62, territorial manager for Water Power Equipment; wife, Judy Ann Peterson Armitstead.

NUEVO LAREDO MEXICO STAKE: (Mar. 2, 2003) President — Felipe De Jesus Flores G., 42, security manager for Delphi Alambrados Automotrices; succeeding Santiago Vazquez Davalos; wife, Maria Guadalupe Gutierrez A. de Flores. Counselors — Leonel Andrade A., 35, manager for Deseret Transports; wife, Yazmin Fabiola Reyes L. de Andrade. Ramiro Sotelo S., 48, construction worker; wife, Esther Villegas R. de Sotelo.

SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA EAST STAKE: (Jan. 26, 2003) President — Randall K. Mack, 54, partner of Mohler Nixon & Williams; succeeding Scott A. Hepworth; wife, Patricia Cranmer Mack. Counselors — Brad Lee Garrett, 42, manager and engineer for Applied Signal Technology Inc.; wife, Paula Snow Garrett. Robert Joseph Haws, 57, project manager for Hitachi; wife, Hawley Loreen McKinney Haws.

SANTIAGO CHILE GABRIELA STAKE: (Dec. 8, 2002) President — Jose Antonio Ayuso D., 36, general odontologist; succeeding Rene Esteban Del Pino G.; wife, Elsie Eugenia Macias M. de Ayuso. Counselors — Raul Claudio Espinoza F., 38, owner of machine and motor repair business; wife, Nadia Irene Venegas T. de Espinoza. Manuel Segundo Ponce O., 46, watering system specialist for Patricio Maturana; wife, Isabel Leal R. de Ponce.

SEOUL KOREA NORTH STAKE: (Feb. 16, 2003) President — Byung Ho Son, 52, executive director of Hanseo Savings Bank; succeeding Chi Won Kim; wife, Ae Young Choi Son. Counselors — Min Keun Han, 56, English instructor for Sisa English Institute; wife, Kyonf-Ju Lee Han. Sang Ro Lee, retained.