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Assertions 100% false

Condolences go out to Robert Hardage for the apparent sad and total loss of his reasoning faculties as displayed in his letter "War is always wrong." Hardage made four main assertions about the current operation in Iraq which were 100 percent false. They were: (1) The war will "bring massive devastation" on the Iraqi people. (2) It "defies international law." (3) It is a "unilateral" action on our part and, (4) it is a "preemptive war."

First, our military operations are clearly not bringing "massive devastation" to the Iraqis. We are keeping their power on, dropping food and medicine and even the shock and awe campaign consists of surgical strikes.

Second, this action does not defy international law, it enforces it.

Third, since when does the term "unilateral" apply to an action supported by a coalition of more than 35 nations?

Last, every American who was conscious on Sept. 11, 2001, ought to be offended by the notion of this being a "pre-emptive" action.

Jeanne Groberg