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Give Leavitt full credit

My good friend LaVarr Webb wrote a Sunday column extolling the accomplishments of Gov. Mike Leavitt in the recent legislative session. He omitted from the list the governor's most extraordinary accomplishment: killing parental choice in education.

Mike Leavitt used his considerable power and political skill to defeat school choice in the House after it passed the Senate on a 20-8 vote. Through a combination of veto threats and demagoguery, he managed to scare enough House members into opposing the tuition tax credit legislation that the bill died without a vote in that body.

Leavitt's killing of school choice has enraged parents whose children are trapped in failing schools and conservative activists who dominate the state delegate roster.

If, as LaVarr hints, Mike Leavitt chooses to run for a fourth term, his "success" in blocking parental freedom will haunt him. Mike Leavitt has some explaining to do.

Jordan Clements