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Utah County births


ABBOTT, Melissa and Aaron Shea, Orem, girl, March 5

ANDERSEN, Kimberly Ann and Todd Darvel II, Provo, girl, March 14

ANDERSON, Bonnie Jane and Robert Lawrence, Provo, girl, March 13

ASP, Kim and Steven Wilson, Provo, girl, March 5

BAKER, Katie Anne and Shane A., Payson, girl, March 6

BARNES, Allison Kae and Michael William, Cedar City, boy, March 10

BARRACLOUGH, Kimberly Ann and Jonathan Roy, Spanish Fork, boy, March 2

BARRUS, Catherine Leilani and Brian Roy, Provo, boy, March 13

BERGQUIST, Rebecca Lynn and Peter James, Alpine, boy, March 14

BENSON, Valerie and Mario James, Spanish Fork, girl, March 10

BEUTLER, Brenda and Glenn Adam, Mapleton, girl, March 4

BEYER, Katerina Gospodinova and Brett Donald, Provo, boy, March 5

BINNS, Amy Elizabeth and Scott, Patrick, Provo, girl, March 4

BIRD, Veronica Betty and Kelly Gene, Springville, boy, March 3

BLAZZARD, Misty Kay and David Richards, Peoa, girl, March 3

BOCHERT, Jodie Marie and Justin Michael, Orem, girl, March 10

BOTT, Tara and Lance Bankhead, Provo, boy, March 11

BOWERBANK, Tanya and Robert Ryan, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 8

BRETT, Arianne and Thomas D., Springville, boy, March 11

CANNEGIETER, Sarah Diane and Jared William, Provo, girl, March 5

CHARLESWORTH, Jeneal and Gayle Lester, Orem, girl, March 13

CHERRINGTON, Vickie and Steven Brent, Orem, twins boy and girl, March 9

CHILDS, Carmell D. and Joseph Barclay, Orem, boy, March 9

CHRISTIANSEN, Heidi Joi and Christopher Paul, Heber, girl, March 5

COOMBS, Christina and Jaron Bruce, Orem, girl, March 6

CUMMINGS, Carie Marie and Wayne Russell, Heber, boy, March 5

CUMMINS, Lisa Dawn and Donald Patrick, Lehi, boy, March 12

CLARK, Janna and Daniel Ewing, Provo, girl, March 9

CURTIS, Stephanie and Steven McKay, Provo, boy, March 5

DAHL, Carrie Lynn and Michael, Provo, boy, March 4

DAVIS, Janet Marie and Benjamin Toronto, Provo, girl, March 3

DAVIS, Trisha Ann and Arnold Brett, Spanish Fork, boy, March 6

DEDEN, Tarena Marie and Daniel Warren, Provo, girl, March 7

DEHART, Heika and Gregory Arthur, Payson, boy, March 14

DEITLAF, Holly and Jeremy Lee, Springville, girl, March 1

DOMAN, Holly and Bryce Thomas, Orem, boy, March 10

DUCKWITZ, Erika and Gregory Michael, Provo, girl, March 14

DUNNE, Cheryl and Erik Patrick, American Fork, girl, March 3

DUTSON, Margaret Lynne and Russell Lovell, Delta, boy, March 14

EDMONSON, Belinda Kaye, Gunnison, girl, March 3

EDWARDS, Wendie Louise and Edward James III, boy, March 3

ELLIS, Jaime Lynn and Jared Nathan, Provo, girl, March 6

ENSIGN, Emily and Jayson Robert, Provo, girl, March 10

ERICKSEN, Tiffany and Lance Joseph, Orem, girl, March 2

FLUCKIGER, Jacquelyn Janell and Joshua Merrell, Provo, boy, March 1

FRAUGHTON, Kami Lynn and WOODS, Andrew Russell, Provo, boy, March 12

GADD, Hillary Lanae and David Wendell, Springville, boy, March 5

GARDNER, Holliann and Reginald Earl, Provo, boy, March 6

GASPAR, Maria Elena and Juan, Provo, boy, March 14

GORDON, Ivory and Casey Dean, Orem, girl, March 7

GUNDERSEN, Kimberly and Kyle Don, Price, boy, March 12

HADLOCK, Jenny Lee and Riley Leo, Payson, girl, March 8

HALL, Brooke Ann and Ryan Gregory, Spanish Fork, boy, March 6

HAMBERLIN, Salena Therese and Ancel Jacob, Spanish Fork, boy, March 5

HANCOCK, Melissa and Craig Darnell, Santaquin, girl, March 11

HANSEN, Amy Raelene and Craig Mark, Payson, boy, March 7

HATFIELD, Tina Ann and Patrick Blaine, Santaquin, boy, March 7

HOFFMAN, Wendy Lynn and John Conrad, Mapleton, boy, March 4

HOLT, Erin Beth and William Cameron, Spanish Fork, boy, March 7

HOYT, Nicole and Chad Joseph, American Fork, girl, March 7

HUNTSMAN, Nancy Elaine and Eric Dennis, Provo, boy, March 1

JACKMAN, Christina and Ryan Todd, Lindon, girl, March 3

JOHNSON, Julie Irene and Joseph Mark, Orem, boy, March 3

JONES, Chantal and Brian Edward, Provo, boy,

JUDD, Karen Rae and Nathaniel Glen, Saratoga Springs, girl, March 4

KING, Susan Joy and Carson Ray, Provo, girl, March 3

KOWALLIS, Kristen Marie and Kendall Paul, Orem, boy, March 5

LAYTON, Jodie Anne and Tyler Grant, Provo, girl, March 14

LEALE, Katie Jean and Robert Walter, Provo, girl, March 4

LEE, Valerie and Samuel Robert, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 1

LINDSAY, Kelly Dawn and Steven William, Payson, boy, March 3

LOSEE, Cessily Michele and Adam Darrel, Springville, boy, March 12

LUNDBERG, Danielle Marie and Robert Walter, Provo, girl, March 4

LUNDRIGAN, Jennifer Leigh and Erik John, Provo, boy, March 4

MCCONAHAY, Andrea and Samuel Robert, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 1

MCCORMICK, Julie A. and Michael Shaun, Provo, boy, March 5

MCKINNON, Jan and Austin Jason, Provo,

MEDFORD, Candice Renae and Shawn David, Orem, boy, March 5

MENDIVIL, Cathy Susan and Albert, Springville, girl, March 13

MILLER, Betsy Claribel and Gary Lynn, Orem, boy, March 1

MITCHELL, Melissa Marie and Abraham Vernon, Payson, boy, March 4

MURDOCK, Angela and Kenneth Kelly, Provo, boy, March 7

NELSON, Kimberly Jean and Eric David, Payson, boy, March 3

NICHOLSON, Laura Lee and Bret David, Provo, boy, March 14

NYE, Carrie Ellen and Nathan Frederick, Orem, girl, March 7

OLDROYD, Serena LaRee and Jeffrey Ritchie, Orem, boy, March 12