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Sterling Scholars part 3


Daniel Harbuck

West High School

Parents: Stanley and Donna Harbuck

Salt Lake City

"If only people knew who they were, I think they would act a lot differently around themselves. I think one of life's premiere hopes is our opportunity to come to know who we are and who we can become to best benefit our neighbors. I have found my capacities for service enlarge as I come to better recognize my own unique capacities, and I now know, after a collection of experiences, each of us has an unparalleled potential to contribute to society based on their own opportune gifts and abilities.

"I am not a self-made man. I can give no greater service than to return to others what I have been entrusted with, only increased by sincere labor. Accordingly, I wish to live my life in a manner so as to best benefit the community in which I live, and in order to do so I must never stop learning. Business provides a naturally dynamic forum where, with a keen and progressive mind, I can successfully seek others' interests.

"I love business because it's a service industry. I hope social responsibility hasn't lost its place in the subtle interplay of consummate desires and engulfing lusts. I envision the continuance of the United States' promotion of liberty via free trade, and I hope to become one of those diligent individuals who strive to share democracy's sweets with our world. I realize any international effect starts with an individual contribution. I feel like business is the field where I can grow to give service to others most significantly; to return to others a portion of what I've been given as profoundly as possible. It is in service I calculate my greatest happiness."

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 16th out of 379. GPA is 3.955. 32 composite ACT.

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: Student body president; Habitat for Humanity; Eagle Scout; National Honors Society vice president; Key Club secretary; DECA state president; FBLA chapter president; Hugh O'Brien Leadership Award; school newspaper business manager; AP Distinguished Scholar; academic letter sweater recipient; Full International Baccalaureate candidate.


Trevor Wright

Lone Peak High School

Parents: Camron and Alicyn Wright


"I have been told throughout my life, by friends and teachers alike, that I am a unique individual. The one trait that they cite most often is my self-confidence. While many of my peers base their lives on what others think, I have learned through experience that it is impossible to please everyone. In the end, the opinions of others are not as important as the opinion that I have of myself. This attitude has helped immensely in both my acting and public speaking. I don't find it embarrassing to stand in front of a crowd and crack jokes or act like a fool when performing a humorous monologue or giving a speech. By doing whatever is necessary to make a character come alive, I have won numerous competitions throughout my high school career.

"I have also found it important to determine a standard of living for myself and to stick to that standard. In my acting, it is difficult at times to have the courage to turn down parts when they run against my standards, or to ask a director to edit inappropriate words. Yet, this past year many judges commented on the clean content and cutting of my duo script and were happy to see an appropriate performance for a change. While requesting changes is always a risk, it is one that I am willing to take. Being true to myself is always more important than winning.

"Communication is one of the most important abilities one can possess in today's society . In every profession from teaching to engineering, communication plays a key role. I am mastering this much-needed skill through participation in competitions, performing in plays, writing orations and giving speeches. I realize that it's not enough to deliver information in a logical, organized fashion, but it also is critical to keep the audience's attention as well.

"In addition, countless auditions have taught me how to present myself properly in a formal interview setting. I am confident that these skills will help me achieve success in my chosen vocation and throughout my life."

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks seventh out of 538. GPA is 3.997. 33 composite ACT.

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: Student body president; Eagle Scout; first place in duo interpretation; first place in expository speaking; first place in humorous interpretation; ranked 17th in nation in duo interpretation; President's Council; blood drive committee; junior class secretary; National Forensic League; Best Competition Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor awards.


Meghana Khandekar

West High School

Parents: Suresh and Shobhana Khandekar

Salt Lake City

"My family is very much an academic family. My father is a doctor, my mother is a computer engineer and almost all of my extended family is in a professional field.

My grandfather is the only other artist in the family. "Sometimes I feel like I am taking the 'easy way out' by doing art, but then I realize that anyone, if they put their mind to it, can be a doctor but not everyone can be an artist. I have learned to block out comments that make me doubt myself and I know that if I am dedicated enough to art I can do anything I want with it.

"I think about both positive and negative effects of each decision I make in life. Similarly, I always make preliminary sketches before starting on a piece. I rarely start working on a large-scale piece without working it out in my IB research book first. I enjoy researching artists because it helps me learn more about my own art and how I can improve my techniques. Being on the yearbook staff for two years has given me an opportunity to share my artistic insight with the staff. I was a writer for my first year on staff, and a section editor for the next where I was making layouts and managing advertisement sales throughout the year.

"Art is my life. It is my fuel. I cannot say how much it has affected my life and I know it will stay with me for a long time. Art helps me learn about things in life I would not have understood otherwise. By using a different part of my brain, I am able to understand concepts better emotionally, than technically and logically. Art is my passion and it is present in every aspect of my life."

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 64th out of 379. GPA is 3.740. 24 composite ACT.

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: National Art Honor Society; National Honor Society; Yearbook — Best Layout; first place for the All-State High School Art Show; Visual Art Institute volunteer; peer court member; Huntsman Cancer Institute volunteer; elementary school volunteer; Web design and photography.


Jennifer Jackson

Lone Peak High School

Corey and Carol Jackson

Cedar Hills

"My family has moved nine times since I was born and it has been difficult to find a good private teacher in some areas where I have lived. When I lived in Brazil I had to teach myself the viola. When we lived in Minnesota for two years, I continued to take lessons from my teacher in Salt Lake City by calling her every week and holding 'speaker-phone lessons.' No matter where we lived, my mom would drive me up to 2 1/2 hours every week in order to keep my lessons going.

"There are nine people in my family and we all play musical instruments. Because of this my parents have not always the money to pay for my lessons and musical touring expenses. Beginning at age 14, I had to pay for my lessons and traveling by playing at wedding receptions, teaching my private students and recording CDs.

"I love to learn. I have been able to teach myself several different instruments that have enriched my life. I began composing music before I could even read notes. Since then, I have taught myself to play the piano without taking a single lesson. I have also learned how to play the violin, cello and guitar. I am not a quitter and I am able to focus on important things I want to accomplish in my life.

"I don't know what my life would be like without music. I started playing the viola when I was 3 and grew up with music ringing bright in my home. My musical abilities will enable me to have a great career and teach others the joy I have in my life. I have made lasting friendships with people all over the world and will continue to associate with others throughout my life. I hope to be a good role model for young children and people I come in contact with by showing them how music has had such a positive impact in my life. I hope to attend Curtis Institute of Music or Juilliard to further my education. I want to play in a professional orchestra, become a professional recording artist and continue teaching."

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks first out of 536. GPA is 4.0. 26 composite ACT.

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: National Honors Society president; student government; volunteer at Courage Reins; volunteer member of Orchestra at Temple Square; one of five Americans to represent the United States in the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra; Salute to Youth competition; Utah All-State Orchestra; Citizen of the Month; talent award winner and winner of Highland's Junior Miss.


Annie Layton

Viewmont High School

Kenneth and Kathleen Layton


"To dance is to breathe — to inhale are the counts, the steps, the technique and the movement, but to exhale is the emotion, the feeling and the art. It is the oxygen which gives life to any dancer, choreographer or audience member. To dance is not only to live but to excel — to excel in memory, in creativity and finally in collaboration.

"From ballet training I have learned combination steps of glissade, pas de chat and sissonne, which taught me to memorize quickly. This ability to learn has now been transferred to my education as I find myself able to memorize mathematical formulas, biological terms and historical dates quickly and efficiently. Contrasting the strict discipline I learned from ballet is the creativity I have acquired from my instruction in modern dance. In an increasingly technological world where careers have become so competitive, it has become necessary to think outside the box and to be creative. Throughout my life, I will be able to use my creativity to go beyond the set ideas of our evolving world. The ability to work together has become a focus in America due to the tragedy of Sept. 11. Though many may find it difficult to do so, my experience with jazz has taught me to work with others as a member of a team. This ability to collaborate will help me to succeed as I associate with others throughout my life.

"From ballet I have learned discipline and memory. From modern dance I learned creativity and from jazz, collaboration. These attributes will continue to strengthen me and this oxygen of dance will sustain me as I strive for breath."

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks first out of 590. GPA is 4.0. 28 composite ACT.

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: Sophomore class secretary; president of drill team; dance company past choreographer; member of Davis County Governors Youth Council; volunteer at elementary school; volunteer dance teacher at "The Turning Place" dance studio; All-State Drill Team; received modern dance training in New York City; academic letter; Student of the Month; Academic All Star; AP Scholar with Honor Award; National Honors Society.

Philo T. Farnsworth Governor's Award

Jordan Cox

Weber High School

Robert and LaDawn Cox

Pleasant View

"Science has been a love of mine since I can remember. There seems to be an unparalleled satisfaction that comes with learning something that no one else has yet discovered.

"When I was 10 and on a five-hour drive with my dad to a Scout camp, I drilled him with questions about the atom and chemistry. My thirst for learning has only increased since. My dad has told me he has never found anyone with a greater craving for knowledge. Such a desire to learn is essential for my success as I progress through science, for when the going get gets tough, my unquenchable thirst for the answers will carry me through.

"My chemistry teacher nominated me to participate in a series of junior level chemistry courses at the University of Utah. These courses offered priceless lab experience, which gave me a new love for research. The finale of the class involved a comprehensive research project, the topic of which we chose ourselves. I studied the determination of DHEA in dietary supplements using HPLC. For the first time I felt I was working on my own and placed expectations and goals on myself. I sincerely wanted the research to be successful, so I spent many hours out of class at the library or in the lab with the dedicated teacher's assistant. This extra time, combined with a daily, two-hour commute, demonstrated my commitment to the success of the project.

"My research showed that the actual content of some DHEA brands deviated statistically from stated content. Moreover, the experience taught me that research does not always go as expected and that many hours must be invested to help ensure a project's success.

"With the completion of these summer courses, I earned the distinction of Henry Eyring Scholar. I also gained the opportunity to continue research at the U., this time as an assistant to a graduate student.

"Through research, I would like to give back to my community what it has done for me in my growing-up years." I know that giving back will make me be a more fulfilled and content person as well as a better citizen."

Cox carries a 4.0 GPA and ranks first out of 561 in his graduating class. He has a 32 composite ACT.

THE AWARD: This award is given jointly by the Governor's Office and the Deseret News/KSL Television to an outstanding Sterling Scholar in science. Named after the father of television, Utah's own Philo T. Farnsworth, the award includes a statuette of Farnsworth that is a replica of the "heroic size" statue in the U.S. Capitol as well as the Utah Capitol. The award also includes $200 from the Deseret News and KSL Television.

Douglas F. Bates Community Service Award

Katie Clarke

Logan High School

Derrel Clarke and Eileen Clark


Katie Clarke is this year's recipient of the Douglas F. Bates Community Service Award. The family and consumer science Sterling Scholar is from Logan High School. Clarke is not only an outstanding student — with a 3.993 GPA, she ranks 11th of 381 and has a 28 composite ACT score — but has gone the extra mile in providing exemplary community service.

Clarke likes working with children. This past summer she organized and became a leader of a 4-H sewing club. She helped the girls to organize a club presidency and club organization to provide maximum leadership training responsibilities for each of them. This meant creating positions for each of the nine girls so every girl felt involved and an important part of the club. They were first- through fifth-graders, most of whom had never sewn before. Because of their range of skills, it was a challenge to teach them at a level where they were all learning something. She utilized the more experienced to help the beginners, increasing the confidence of the experienced girls and maximizing the amount of help to the beginners.

The girls were taught the basics of sewing, how to use different sewing tools, different types of materials, how to prepare materials for sewing use, how to use a sewing machine, etc. After she taught the girls how to make a drawstring bag and pajama pants, they entered the pants they had made in the Cache County Fair, where they all received first-place ribbons, creating a sense of pride as they watched their projects go on to win in a competition. "I have found that I work well with little children and they seem to be drawn to me. I've always been able to get kids to come to me and I've been able to calm them down even if they don't know me. This has been an especially helpful characteristic in the day-care type of setting where I worked. Quite often the children were very attached to their parents and were very wary of coming and joining in the activities . . .I have enjoyed seeing many children blossom as they came out of their shell and participated," she wrote.

"I am a creative-type person. I love doing crafts and coming up with fun activities to do with children. I've made countless projects for children including sock puppets, puzzles, books, games, learning activities, baby hats and blankets and other such projects. I also have the ability to get kids enthusiastic about almost anything.

"Being involved has enriched my life with the development of new skills. I've learned how to work with children and I hope to be able to apply these skills in my career someday. After graduating from college, I plan on either opening a preschool or teaching elementary school. I feel I've prepared myself well for my future career. I feel that my life will be further enriched by watching the children develop skills and become excited about learning."

THE AWARD: This award is named for the late Douglas F. Bates, Utah State Office of Education legal counsel and former associate superintendent, who exemplified outstanding community service. In addition to a trophy, a check for $200 was presented courtesy of the Deseret News and KSL Television.