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CKY goes for sound, not certain styles

Jess Margera was 7 when he heard Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy." "That was it," Margera said during a telephone interview from Indianapolis, Ind. "When I heard John Bonham playing his drums, I knew then I wanted to be a drummer."

Margera's band, CKY — featuring bassist Vern Zaborowski, guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller and guitarist Chad Ginsburg — will make a stop in Salt Lake City on Monday, March 31, at X-Scape.

CKY has gotten a bit of attention lately, due to the company it keeps. Last winter, the band opened for the doomed Guns N' Roses tour, during which lead-singer W. Axl Rose repeatedly missed concert dates, forcing the sponsor to cancel the tour. But Margera had nothing but good to say about the experience — and Rose.

"Axl was great with us," Margera said. "And the guys he has in that band are incredible. I was able to watch a few shows from the side, and they were amazing."

Touring with a high-profile band is only one of the perks of being in CKY, said Margera. Another is hanging with fans. "There are so many cool people who dig what we're doing," Margera said. "We love our fans. They're just like us. They want to talk and they listen to music that means something to them.

"I like to talk with the fans to see what's going on inside their minds. It's a way for us to keep in touch with who we are, as well as who our fans are."

As with CKY's fans, the band likes different music styles. "We like to get up and play some heavy rock tunes like the early Kiss sound, and we like to play music that focuses on beats like disco. It doesn't matter what style it is, as long as it sounds good."

CKY formed in Pennsylvania in 1998 and since then has been featured on episodes of MTV's reality show "Jackass." The band has released three albums, including its latest "Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild." "When writing songs we dip into many different things," Margera said. "Deron's into death metal, and he'll come in with a riff, and I'll slow it down with different beats. Then Chad comes in with a melody. He's actually very good with melodies. And that's how a song comes together in this band."

If you go . . .

What: CKY

Where: X-Scape, 115 S. West Temple

When: 7 p.m., March 31

How much: $11

Phone: 467-8499