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Notes and quotes

"I wasn't surprised. Traditionally, we don't change anything the first time it comes up."

Rich McKay, co-chairman of the NFL's competition committee after owners voted Thursday not to change either the overtime rules or the number of teams making the playoffs.

"I can't imagine him playing much better than he is right now, but we say that every year, don't we? Guys who get in contention with him feel they have to do something extra, instead of playing their game. They get out of their comfort zone, and there's usually not a good ending to it."

Scott Hoch on Tiger Woods' return to the the PGA tour.

"His game hasn't changed much since he came into the league. The thing that is so good about him is the consistency in the way he plays. You're not going to find another John Stockton. He does everything the right way."

—Portland Trail Blazers coach Maurice Cheeks after his team lost 94-85 to the Jazz on Wednesday night.

"I feel about the same age as I did yesterday."

—Jazz point guard John Stockton on his 41st birthday

It must be time for the baseball season to start. Commissioner Bud Selig already has thrown out the ceremonial first preposterous idea.

King Bud wants the All-Star Game to decide home-field advantage for the World Series. Had King Bud's proposed plan been in place last season, well, that would have been a problem in that the All-Star Game ended in a 7-7 tie because the teams ran out of players. . . .

If you want to deviate from the tradition of alternating the home-field advantage between leagues, why not give it to the team with the best regular-season record? That would add meaning to the end of the regular season, where it belongs, instead of wasting it on an exhibition in July.

Gary Peterson, Knight Ridder Newspapers