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Utah County local births


ADSIT, Nicole and David Theodore, Provo, girl, March 11

BAKER, Kathleen Marie and Michael Louis, Heber, boy, March 12

CARTER, Rebecca Kaye and Michael Kent, Orem, boy, March 12

CHRISTENSEN, Kassie Rae and Russell Brian, Orem, boy, March 14

DAVIS, Maren and Glendon Jay, Payson, boy, March 12

FAIRBOURNE, Natalie and Jason Scott, Springville, girl, March 13

HUTCHINGS, Jaime Lyn and Jeffery Brandon, Lehi, boy, March 10

JONES, Tara Keeloha and Bradley Scott, Provo, boy, March 9

JORGENSEN, Emily and Eric Paul, Provo, girl, March 12

LARSEN, Gabriela and Mitchell Ruel, Orem, girl, March 13

LARSON, Heather Maria and Blake Edward, Saratoga Springs, girl, March 11

MORLEY, Heather Jaye and Bret Ethan, Orem, boy, March 8

MORRIS, Amber Lynn and Ted James, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 12

NEVES, Lara Kimberlee and Joel Benjamin, Provo, girl, March 11

NIELSEN, Adrienne and David Aaron, Provo, girl, March 11

POULTON, Heidi and Jeremiah Todd, Provo, girl, March 12

RAINE, Shellie Sue and Eric James, Elk Ridge, girl, March 14

SMITH, Wendy and John Hone, Provo, girl, March 9

THELER, Jaime La Rae and Jason Everett, Orem, girl, March 10

WARD, Anna Deborah and Mark Ryan, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 12

YOUNG, Jennifer Suzanne and John Paul, Orem, boy, March 13


AVENA, Tara Cherie and Juan Carlos, Provo, boy, March 12

BALLARD, Diana Layne and Jay Arthur, Mapleton, girl, March 13

CANDIA, Lucila and Augustin Candia Ontiveros, Goshen, boy, March 4

CARTER, Shareen and Kevin Glen, Genola, boy, March 6

DAVIS, Hollie Leane and WHITNEY, Andrew Frank, Spanish Fork, girl, March 12

GWILLIAM, Samantha Randi and Jason Trak, Springville, boy, March 6

JENSEN, Melanie and Carl James, Payson, girl, March 10

JENSEN, Melinda, Levan, boy, March 12

JENSEN, Rebecca Ann and Daniel Melvin, Orem, twins boy and girl, March 2

JOHNSON, Renae Mary and Aaron Wayne, Payson, boy, March 5

MADDOX, Lisa Marie and Steven Thomas, Highland, girl, March 13

MAXFIELD, Kristy Elaine, Payson, boy, March 11

MUNCY, Julie Lynn and Bruce Doyle, Springville, boy, March 11

NEAL, Koree Dawn and Seth William, Payson, boy, March 9

NIELSON, Kaylyn, Spanish Fork, boy, March 11

ORENO, Heather and Troy Justin, Chester, girl, March 15

PINTAR, Jamie Lyn and Nicholas Edward, Spanish Fork, girl, March 13

RANDALL, Brandy Marie and Jeffery Boyd, Payson, boy, March 8

REYNOLDS, Amy Denise and Shawn Paul, Mona, girl, March 2

RITCHIE, Kristy and Travis Dee, Payson, boy, March 13

ROBERTSON, Heather Elizabeth and Clinton Blaine, Nephi, girl, March 13

SCOVILLE, Marlene Clarice and David Phillip, Provo, boy, March 2

THOMAS, Amberly Mae and GIPE, Christopher Daniel, Spanish Fork, girl, March 13

THOMAS, Amber Dawn and Chad James, Genola, boy, March 13

TURNER, Shalla Marie and Christopher Robin Jr., Payson, girl, March 9

VEST, Rebecca Lee and Daniel William, Payson, boy, March 13

WAITE, Kari Lodisa and Cleve Mann Jr. Payson, girl, March 9

WALKER, Leslie and Gregory Stewart, Provo, girl, March 16