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Evaluations of Mitchell, Barzee sought

The Salt Lake District Attorney's Office filed motions late Thursday afternoon seeking, among other things, hair, blood and handwriting samples from Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee.

Prosecutors also asked for mental evaluations of both defendants. The motions come as the district attorney's office prepares its case against the couple accused of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart.

The state is also asking that the defense not be allowed to publicize any information regarding evidence. Prosecutors filed a motion asking the court for an order "prohibiting the defendants and their counsel from making further dissemination of information." That could include, but is not limited to, "documents, records, videotaped interviews, photographs and any psychological or medical reports provided," according to court records.

Both Mitchell and Barzee face a number of charges, including aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary and aggravated sexual assault.

A few more details of Mitchell and Barzee's relationship were revealed Thursday in court documents as prosecutors requested the mental evaluations.

Barzee told investigators March 12, the day she was arrested, that Mitchell was a prophet acting on God's instructions to kidnap Elizabeth. She said her name was "Juliette Marshall" but later said her name was "Hepsaba Augustine," according to court documents.

She had trouble, however, answering questions from investigators about her background or where she was from, court documents state.

Barzee said she receives "constant" revelations from God regarding her activities, according to court documents.

While visiting Barzee at the Salt Lake County Jail March 14, Vicki Cottrell, with the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, said Barzee told her it was time to "repent" and "prepare for the Second Coming," at which time Mitchell would "stand at the right hand of God," according to court documents.

Barzee also told Cottrell that while she was in San Diego she was "overcome by demons" and "attended to by angels including her father, her grandfather and Johann Sebastian Bach," court documents state.

The motion calling for Mitchell's mental competency to be evaluated simply states, "There is a substantial question of possible doubt as to the defendant's competency."

According to court documents, blood, hair and handwriting samples are needed because "physical evidence has been recovered that is alleged by (Elizabeth) to have been used or possessed by the defendants."

Some of that evidence includes a 27-page manifesto allegedly written by Mitchell, who called himself "Immanuel." The manifesto outlines Mitchell's religious beliefs, including an alleged revelation by God to marry seven wives.

Other evidence includes a knife and a cable allegedly used to keep Elizabeth tied to a tree in the foothills above her Federal Heights house when she was kidnapped.

Mitchell and Barzee are being held in the Salt Lake County Jail on a $10 million bail each.