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Headstones damaged in Ogden cemetery

OGDEN — Police here are looking for vandals who toppled or broke at least 45 headstones early Friday morning in the Ogden City Cemetery.

Officers were called to the City Parks and Recreation building, next to the cemetery, about 1:30 a.m. When they arrived they found a rock had been thrown through one of the building's windows.

While investigating that incident, police noticed a number of headstones had been vandalized, said Ogden Police Lt. Dave Tarran. Some of the headstones were "quite large" and would have required more than one person to move them, he said.

"There were probably two or three kids involved," Tarran said.

Investigators said the number of vandalized headstones may increase once they get a chance to examine the cemetery in daylight.

Police dogs were able to track the alleged vandals for a while before the scent stopped.