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No big surge in Army enlistments, recruiters say

Army recruiters have not noticed any huge surge in enlistments so far, as the war with Iraq continues through its second week.

"Hasn't really been a change," said Sgt. Mike Lynch of the Salt Lake City Recruiting Battalion, which is responsible for recruitment in Utah and parts of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, Nevada and Arizona.

"It's stayed the consistent, steady stream it's been."

On a smaller scale, recruiters covering Salt Lake Valley have seen a slight increase in men and women volunteering for Army service.

In a typical month, between 40 and 50 a month may join, while "we're going to put anything from 50 to 55 people this month from Salt Lake Valley," said Steven Hixon, manager of the battalion's Salt Lake Company, 545 E. 4500 South.