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Living by the scriptures

Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter anything before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few. . . .

When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed.

Better is it that thou shouldest not vow, than that thou shouldest vow and not pay.

Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin; neither say thou before the angel, that it was an error; wherefore should God be angry at thy voice, and destroy the work of thine hands?

— Ecclesiastes 5:2,4-6.

Several years ago, when all seven of our children were still home and involved in many activities, my husband and I found the requirements on our time were demanding. One area which we felt was being neglected was temple attendance. We realized that not only were we holding back the progression of those beyond the veil, but we, too, were missing out on the blessings promised for regular temple attendance.

As my husband and I knelt for our evening prayer, we made a promise to the Lord that we would attend the temple at least once each month. We felt good about this decision and the time requirement at that time in our lives when our family was young and required more time.

However, the month went on as busy as ever. Soon, we realized we were on the last day of the month and had not yet made it to the temple. My husband called and reminded me what day it was. I told him I didn't see how all of the children's needs could be accomplished that night if we went. However, we knew we had made a promise to the Lord.

Therefore, I readied myself to leave and started making assignments to all the children. I then told them that their dad and I would be attending the temple that night. Fourteen eyes were looking at me with disbelief! But with resolve, I walked out the door.

As my husband and I entered the temple chapel, I opened the only scriptures in front of me — the Bible, hoping that scripture reading would calm me from the hurried entrance I had made. There in front of me was Ecclesiastes speaking right to me. This scripture made me realize the importance of promises we make with the Lord — all promises must be taken very seriously! Upon returning home, we observed that the children had all done fine. We discussed this experience with them — a lesson to all of us about promise-making and promise-keeping.

— Laura Copeland, Green Cove Springs, Fla.

"Living by the Scriptures" is another in a series of Church News reader response articles. Was there a time when a particular scripture touched you, when it offered comfort, guidance and much-needed support? If so, please describe your experience in 250-300 words, giving the scripture reference and telling how it affected you. Send your submission to Church News, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. Fax No. (801) 237-2524. Internet